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The sound that makes me worry.

by / October 26, 2017

DRIP DRIP DRIP- One of my least favorite sounds as a homeowner. A few weeks ago the kids and I came home one weekend afternoon, and as I closed the

Tour of new Kensington Real Estate listings 10.21.17

by / October 23, 2017

Maybe you didn’t have time to get out and see the new listings this week, well…. here you go. Watch the video to see four new listings with commentary. Need

Do you have a few of these sitting around your house??

by / August 24, 2017

Every once in a while I go back in the MLS and look at some of the houses I have helped people to buy and sell over the years. It’s

Choices, lots of choices! What’s the best flooring choice for our kitchen?

by / June 1, 2017

I am asked the question ” what’s the best flooring choice for our kitchen? “quite often. People are always thinking about upgrading their kitchen, and flooring is one of the