Harry Moore

Realtor, Licensed in Maryland, Virginia & Washington DC

I learned many lessons about helping people from my grandfather Aaron Millman. My focus on excellence started with my years of working with my grandfather and my mother Sidney in the family wine business. They were renowned wine merchants in Washington DC for decades.

You might wonder what wine has to do with real estate. I learned about the importance of maintaining high standards in my dealings with clients, about hard work and attention to details, and about focusing my commitment and drive on accomplishing YOUR goals.
I also learned about the crucial difference between “selling” and helping someone to buy. “Sales is an honorable profession, if it is conducted honorably”. This was one of the cornerstones of Aaron’s philosophy. Many people look at salespeople as being pushy and coercive. That’s not the way we ran our family business then, and it’s not the way I run my business now.
Helping people to make a good sales decision is very different. It means providing assistance and guidance throughout the process, and by sharing ones knowledge, helping clients to gain a level of comfort with moving forward. My goal is to help people make good decisions, the ones that are best for them.