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I want to represent you in all your real estate needs. When you buy or sell a home you need someone who cares about and knows the local real estate market.



So you’re thinking of selling your home? 

It’s a big step, the most important financial transaction many people ever undertake. And the impact’s not just about the money involved, it’s about the memories that live within. It’s hard to let go of your home, but things happen. Life is full of changes, and a time comes to move on. 

When that time comes, you need an experienced team to help you take off the rose-colored glasses that make your house your home and realistically ready it for the market. The goal is to prepare it correctly, price it appropriately and promote it effectively, so that it soon will become someone else’s home. It’s an important job, and our team takes it very seriously. Each of us is experienced in our respective specialties, and we combine our expertise to ensure your success. Experience and results matter. Let’s talk and see what we can do to help you.



Even in a good market, not every house finds a buyer. Multiple Listing Service data show that more than one in five houses put on the market in our region fails to sell. The reasons for failure vary, but let’s look instead at what factors lead to success. It’s actually pretty simple, not easy, but simple. It’s all about the Three P’s.

  1. Preparation – Take a step back from your house as home and look at it as a commodity for sale. Your goal is to do what’s needed so that this house won’t be your home much longer. How? In an ideal world we’d make your home look “model-home perfect.” Have you ever walked through a model home and noticed how uncluttered and impersonal it is? Serene, but perhaps surreal. Because no one lives there, no one’s stacked game cartridges on the coffee table, displayed family photos on the mantle or piled heaps of throw cushions on the couch—signs of life that nonetheless distract from the “bones” and underlying decor of your home. We want to get as close to the look and feel of a model home as we can (while understanding that you still live there). 

  2. Pricing – No two homes are exactly the same, especially in neighborhoods of older houses.  People make their houses home in many different ways over time, giving each house a personality of its own. So pricing rarely relies on direct comparables, because they really don’t exist. My goal is to help you put into perspective existing variables about your property versus others in the neighborhood and differences in the market today versus the market when neighboring houses were sold. That enables you to make the best pricing decision to achieve your goals. Pricing is a blend of art and science, with a dash of intuition thrown in for good measure.

  3. Promotion – Once your home has been prepared and priced correctly, the third step in the process is to let the world know you’re willing to part with it. We have a systematic plan that combines online, direct mail and personal marketing to spread the word far and wide. We’ll assemble a tailored 12 week directed marketing program to get the best results for you.